Nut-Free Lunch & Snack Suggestions For Camp

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Summer is here, it’s the last week of school and the last few days my son Ben will be in Kindergarten, Grade 1 next year – yikes, where have the last 6 years gone?!

I am very lucky that I have a fantastic lady Cathy who looks after my 2 boys during the holidays while I work part time and that means I don’t have to make packed lunches until September. I find at this point I run out of enthusiasm and new ideas for lunches and snacks so I thought I would help you guys out. Here are some nut-free lunch and snack options for you to give your kids when they go to camp or just when you are at home or the cottage.

10 Lunch Ideas

  1. Pita stuffed with lettuce, cucumber and tuna
  2. Tortilla wrap with shredded carrots and egg salad
  3. Leftover spaghetti and tomato or meat sauce (use a thermos to keep it warm)
  4. Hummus with crackers, carrot and celery sticks
  5. Sunflower seed butter and jam sandwich
  6. Pasta salad loaded with broccoli, carrots and cauliflower (toss in some leftover cut-up chicken for protein)
  7. Homemade soup…chicken noodle, vegetable or minestrone
  8. Greek yogurt with fresh fruit and honey or maple syrup (add some nut-free granola on the side to sprinkle in and add a bit of crunch)
  9. Pizza loaded with veggies (leftover cold pizza is great!)
  10. Nitrate-free turkey, lettuce and tomato sandwich


10 Snack Ideas

  1. Apple slices (make it interesting by mixing red and green apples)
  2. Fresh coconut (you can buy it at Walmart ready-to-eat)
  3. Homemade apple or pear sauce
  4. Salsa with blue corn chips
  5. Homemade brownies (see I have attached a recipe using black beans)
  6. Celery and carrot sticks with sunflower seed butter for dipping
  7. Apple butter on rice cakes
  8. Air popped popcorn (add a little sea salt to taste)
  9. Homemade brown rice krispie squares (toss in some dates for natural sweetness)
  10. Fresh fruit salad (so refreshing on a warm summer day)


Melanie Grime is a holistic nutritionist & WOW! Weight Loss Practitioner serving the Orangeville, Dufferin, Wellington, and Caledon areas. Melanie Grime RHN treats everyone as an individual with their own specific needs and helps clients suffering from weight & health issues by looking for the root cause of symptoms and working with them to reach their health and nutrition goals. She is also a Mom to two young boys so is very passionate about educating kids and parents on how they can improve their health through the diet and lifestyle choices they make.

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