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Happy New Year!!!

I am so excited as today is the day that my Healthier You 10 Week Program officially opens for enrollment!

If you’re ready to get off the diet train, get rid of those stubborn 15 pounds, gain energy and feel lighter all while eating delicious food, then this is for you.

You can get all of the details about my Healthier You Program here.

Have you ever thought to yourself… how come I’ve been dieting for years, exercising yet you’re still not able to lose weight and keep it off? I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way.

There is another way, a realistic, healthy & sustainable way to lose weight and nourish your body using real food and I will teach you everything you need to know and give you all the support you need in my Healthier You Program.

It’s not a matter of following a meal plan for 6 weeks or taking this magic shake or pill. It’s about understanding what your body is trying to tell you and giving it what it needs.

It all kicks off January 21st and EARLY BIRD pricing is available for 7 DAYS ONLY.

This is NOT a diet because we know diets don’t work. My clients experience more energy, vitality, confidence and joy by following my program and I am SO proud of this and the results my clients are getting. This is what one of my clients has to say about the program:

“This hasn’t felt like a diet, it just feels like I’m living a better life, making better choices. I haven’t ever felt deprived the way I felt on the diets I’ve tried in the past and my energy and mood have really improved.”
My program is right for you if:

  • You have tried so many diet plans you have lost count and still not got the results you so desperately want
  • You want to lose weight but don’t want to feel hungry, deprived or hangry!
  • You feel it’s time to learn which real, nutrient dense foods fuel you, promote fat loss and balance your hormones
  • You experience bloating, gas, constipation, heartburn, diarrhea or any other type of digestive system issues… even if you believe them to be ‘normal’ because you’ve always had the problem (these symptoms are NOT normal)
  • You don’t exercise but still want to lose weight
  • You don’t think you have the time to eat healthy or don’t know what to cook.
  • You are stressed out, aren’t sleeping and wake up feeling tired and unenergetic
  • You look in the mirror and don’t know who you are anymore
  • You feel like you’re going crazy and it doesn’t matter what you do, you can’t lose the weight or feel better

The key to losing weight is about finding what works for YOU plus accountability and professional support. This is why I created my Healthier You Program so you can focus on losing weight while still eating delicious food because believe me, it is totally possible to do this without feeling overwhelmed OR deprived.

Enrollment is now open but space is very limited as I keep my groups small and intimate so I can give each participant the attention they deserve. Remember, EARLY BIRD PRICING is only available until 10pm January 8th.

Click here to find out more about the program and what’s included in my signature 10 week program.

Hope you’ll join me

Ways to Stay Healthy When You Travel

Whether holiday travel plans, vacations, or work has you on the road, it can certainly disrupt your usual routine and throw you off track. So how do you still get in a workout and eat right even when you’re miles away from home?

It’s absolutely possible with some intention setting and pre-planning.  You may have to be traveling, but taking the time to take care of you is critical no matter where you are.  Here’s how to do it without it feeling like a chore.

  1. Check out your hotel’s fitness options

Most hotels have fitness centers or swimming pools. Find out what they contain before you book. If your company is footing the bill, you may not even have a say in where you stay, however knowing what exercise options you have available will allow you to keep a fitness plan while you’re traveling. Should there be no fitness room of any kind, you can stream videos in your room to exercise to or get in some walking as you explore the area you’re visiting.

  1. Learn about the food in your destination

Most places will have healthy eating options, though they might not be as robust a selection as you’re used to. Find out what kind of food is available in your hotel and nearby. Some hotels have kitchenettes where you can cook your own food, which is an excellent option for keeping your own healthy foods on hand for your meals.

  1. Don’t just sit there

Long flights mean lots of sitting, which affects your circulation. Get up and move about the cabin and do some exercises while in your seat to battle it. Trapped in the airport from a delay? Get up and walk around a bit before returning to the gate. Incidentally, if you’re traveling internationally, moving about more will help you beat jet lag faster.  There’s plenty to do and see in an airport, so have fun exploring and getting some extra steps in.

  1. Stay hydrated

Water is essential when you’re flying. It might mean more trips to the lavatory, but without enough hydration, you may become dehydrated.  It’s easy to slack off of water intake as you travel, but be extra mindful this year of staying hydrated along the way.

  1. Adapt to the time zone

Even if you fly from one end of the country to the other, the time zones will play tricks on you. Eat all of your meals at the correct times in the time zone you’re in. If you’re not entirely hungry, eat a fiber-rich snack to help power you through.

  1. Keep the right attitude

No matter where you are, even when your normal routine gets shaken up, always remember that a healthy and fit lifestyle isn’t just some short-term goal. It’s a way of life, and sometimes life has bumps in the road. Keeping that on your mind will help you make healthy choices.

That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t enjoy yourself while away, but rather, make smart decisions. Small tweaks to your travel plans can show significant results, and I invite you to keep that in mind as you travel this season.  We often subscribe to the “all or nothing” mindset, but the sweet spot is right in the middle of all or nothing.

Healthy Holiday Treats

This time of year you can be surrounded by lots of temptations that maybe aren’t made with the best ingredients.

To help you resist these, I wanted to share some of my favourite healthy holiday treats that are made with real food deliciousness to satisfy that sweet tooth but also nourish your body.

Click here to download my Healthy Holiday Treat Ebook filled with 7 amazing recipes that are all gluten, dairy and refined sugar free.



5 Ways To Make This Season Stress Free & Enjoyable

Holiday Season Stress FreeThe holiday season brings a great deal of joy and warmth along with it.  There’s something extra special about this time of year — but it often doesn’t come without stress.  A great deal of added stress is seemingly dumped on our plates, and it can be hard to catch our breath.  The pressure of finding gifts, rushing around in the hustle and bustle to visit everyone, having people visit you, getting to see relatives you miss and even having to deal with those that aren’t always a joy to be around.

This season really can be enjoyable and heart-warming, even with the stress involved.  Walking into this time of year with a great mindset and some helpful reminders gets me through every year… and I’d love to share my tips on how I do this with you.

For a stress-free holiday season, I try to…

1.Remember perfect doesn’t really exist

Your cookies turned out like blobs. Your lights aren’t lighting up. Your kids just made a mess of your clean house moments before the guests are arriving. Surrender your vision of what perfect is and just let it go. The only thing the people in your life care about is being with you.

2. Don’t feel bad about saying “no.”

You can’t do it all. There’s no reason you need to go to every party and event from now through New Year’s. Decide which ones are most important to attend and politely decline the others. Spreading yourself too thin isn’t good for anyone, and it makes the time fly by faster, also. You’ll enjoy the holiday months better if they don’t whiz by in a blink.

3. Stay away from crash diets

Please don’t decide to starve yourself to compensate for the extra calories you had or are going to have at that holiday party. If you do slip up, forgive yourself and make a point to be more mindful. Don’t punish yourself for any mistakes. Just move forward with better decisions, no punishment involved.

4. Know that asking for help is okay

Let me repeat: you can’t do it all. Let family and friends help out when they offer. They can bring a dish, grab something from the store on their way, or help with the dishes. If you have to go to someone’s party and don’t have the time to make something, grab something pre-made from the store. There comes a time when we all need help and learning how to accept it will be incredibly beneficial for your sanity.

5. Fit in time for yourself

Women, in particular, spend less than 30 minutes a day on themselves. Go for a run, get a limited-edition special-roasted coffee at the corner café and sit there in peace, read a book, take a bath, or make time with your best friend to just have one-on-one time without your kids tagging along. You’ll feel full again, which renews your mind and spirit like nothing else. We can’t give from an empty cup, as the saying goes.

Remember, the holidays are about joy. Find yours within, and you’ll be able to spread more of it around.  What makes you feel most joyful?

To help you get into the holiday spirit, check out my Gingerbread Protein Cookies, the kids and I had a great time decorating them this weekend.