Are You Ready to Ditch the Junk?

Beautiful woman makes a tough choice between cake and apple, iso

Do you realize how much processed food you are eating?  Have you ever known anyone who says that they don’t eat processed food but then take a swig out of their Nestle Iced Tea bottle, or take another handful of their microwave popcorn? I see it all the time with new clients.

“I don’t eat processed food,” they say but they are eating cereal at breakfast, granola bars for a snack, diet pop, canned soup at lunch, and noodles and sauce for supper.  Yes, those are all processed foods! It can be hard to figure out what food in the grocery store is real and what isn’t.

If you think you and your family has been leaning more towards the processed foods recently then I have a challenge for you…

Can you go 1 week (yes, just 7 days) without eating your beloved processed foods?  I know it is a big challenge and I am not saying it’s going to be easy BUT it is only 1 week and I know you can do this.

I have set the date for Monday January 9, that gives you time to get all the chocolates, cookies and leftover goodies from Christmas out the way.

You can do this, I believe in you and I will provide you with everything you need. In the challenge you will receive info on:

  • How to avoid processed foods
  • List of the foods you can eat – there are lots of delicious ones i promise!
  • 1 week menu with recipes
  • Support via email and a private Facebook group prior to the 1 week challenge and throughout the 7 days.


Are you ready? If so, get your Ditch the Junk Package here.

Consider challenging your family, friends, sports clubs, gym members, schools, coworkers or even have your business challenge another business.   Which team can have the most members go the most days without processed food? It’s always so much more fun to do challenges with other.

In order for them to reap all the benefits they have to enter themselves.  Here is the FRIEND SHARING LINK.  Just copy and paste into another email or post it on your social media page and you are good to go.  The more the merrier.

Let’s get ready for the Ditch the Junk Challenge and eat some real food! Are you with me?



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