5 Signs You Are Addicted To Sugar

Refined white sugar

The alarm clock goes off and you struggle to get out of bed. You hit the snooze button thinking just 10 more minutes. As you reluctantly roll out of bed you start thinking about your busy day and all of the things you need to do. Breakfast is the last thing on your mind as you reach for your first cup of coffee.

Sitting in your meeting you find yourself distracted by the array of leftover Halloween candy that has found its way into your office and is taunting you. Instead of listening to what’s going on you are thinking about just taking one mini chocolate bar…

One mars bar can’t hurt, can it? Are you able to stop at just one?

You told yourself that today would be the start of ‘being good’ yet you are unable to focus because the cookies are just sitting there staring at you. Will power is no match for the smell or the feeling of pleasure that the cookie gives you.

We all know sugar is the enemy… the toxic ingredient that is just as addictive as drugs, so why can’t you just forget about it and chose the veggies instead?

Not only is sugar addictive, playing on the same pleasure centers in your brain as drugs, but it also perpetuates cravings that can be so powerful. Sugar overwhelms every cell in your brain. When you overload on sugar it alters parts of your brain that controls how much you eat.

It’s been documented that we consume approximately 19 teaspoons of sugar per day. That equates to 285 calories. Now that you know this do you think it will be easier to quit the addiction?

5 Signs You Are Addicted To Sugar

  1. You get shaky, irritable, have headaches or feel emotional when you’ve gone too long without eating. If these symptoms occur just 1-2 hours after a meal then you have had too much sugar.
  2. Instead of feeling hunger you have a craving for something sweet. Choosing salad with chicken is NOT an option when the alternative is a bagel, pizza, pasta or a muffin.
  3. After a meal do you need something sweet?
  4. You have low energy in the middle of the afternoon and usually opt for a coffee or something sweet.
  5. You don’t seem to feel satiated or full after a meal of just protein, vegetables and a little bit of healthy fat.

Sugar comes in a variety of forms and even the so-called ‘healthy alternatives’ are still just sugar triggering addiction. The white stuff hidden in a variety of other foods can set you off even when you think you are doing your best to avoid sugar.

If you want to quit your sugar habit for good, start by trying out my 72 Hour Sugar Free Challenge. It provides you with a 3 day menu plan including breakfast, lunch dinner and 2 snacks so there’s no chance of you going hungry! Click here to download your free copy.

If 3 days isn’t enough for you, email me at melanieg@wowweightloss.ca to take things up a notch and try out my 28 Day Eat Real Food Plan, this is a great way to stop your sugar addiction once and for all and lose some unwanted weight before the holiday party season arrives.


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