Camping Conundrums

family of five people camping and having fun cooking over fire

So you are sitting at the campfire and some well-intentioned fellow camper decides to bring out the cheezies and chips because everyone needs a snack.

You have worked your butt off all week making good choices, and getting in your workouts and bamm you are faced with another temptation and choice while your defenses are down and you are away from your regular routine.  Feelings of dread and anxiety mix while you sit uncomfortably in your lawn chair as the cheezies come just one chair closer to you.

Ever been in a similar situation? I have been here and more than once.

I know that a few cheezies or chips is just fine, it is not going to derail all my hard work.  The problem is I can’t stop at just a few.  These processed snacks are designed to make you come back for more. “Betcha can’t have just one” – Lays potato chips.  This is a very accurate statement for all processed snacks.  They are designed in a lab with all the right additives, preservatives, and just the right amount of salt, sugar and bad fats.  They make money when you purchase them for the second and third time and when you recommend them to your friends.

Getting up and leaving the fire is isolating.  You came here to relax, sit by the fire and visit with good friends.  Just because your friends don’t have the same lifestyle goals it doesn’t mean that you need to set yourself apart.

So what are your options?

  • Say no thank you and hope you don’t have any food pushers sitting beside you. Most of the time no body notices.
  • You could have a few and hope it doesn’t trigger that hidden addiction for salt. Take your handful and be done with them. DO NOT FEEL GUILTY! Hopefully by the time the bag goes around the circle and gets back to you, they are all gone.
  • You could get up and contribute your own healthy snack for the fire. Dried fruit, nuts, unsalted sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds.
  • Go into your own camper fridge or cooler and get a snack just for you.
  • Dig out the campfire popcorn maker. Add your oil and popcorn and get your oven mitt to pop it over the fire. Add your own butter and enjoy.
  • Grab the bananas, chocolate chips and a few mini marshmallows and make some banana boats.

The key here is to come armed and ready.  You know the situation is going to come up but when you have a plan of attack it alleviates the feelings of anxiety and dread.

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