It’s Dinner Time

Schools are back and the crazy routines have begun. It can be hard enough getting breakfast ready, everyone out the door on time with a healthy lunch but after all of that you then have to think about what to cook for dinner!!

I know I have said it before but meal planning is key for me, if I have not planned out meals for the week and don’t have the fridge or pantry stocked with everything I need it’s disaster, that’s when I reach for the quick fix which is normally not the healthiest.

Some dinner facts for you:

  1. Your digestion is weaker later in the day, making it harder for you to digest your evening meal.
  2. The body does not require a lot of calories later in the day, specifically at dinner, because you are supposed to be winding down for the night.
  3. Most people unintentionally choose foods that spike their blood sugar levels, causing them to overeat at dinner, and then have cravings afterwards.

Do you find yourself having gas, bloating, heartburn or acid reflux in the later parts of the day, or mostly after dinner? That’s because our digestive enzymes are strongest in the morning and weaken as the day progresses. Additionally, any stress that you go through during the day has a negative effect on your nervous system, and can slow down your digestion.

Are you someone who skips their afternoon snack, comes home starving, nibbles and snacks their way until dinner is ready, overeats at dinner, and then feels really tired afterwards? Again, that has to do with digestion and also the lack of meal preparation and planning.

How do you create easy and tasty dinners that you and your family will enjoy? It’s simple. Prepare one meal for everyone. No stress or fussing. You can alter your meal to fit your needs, while still enjoying your favorite foods that the rest of the family is eating. Get creative with it.

Top Foods to Add at Dinner Time:


  1. 1 cup of dark-green vegetable
  2. 1 cup of vegetable soup (homemade or low sodium)
  3. ⅓–½ cup of low-glycemic whole grains (buckwheat, quinoa, brown rice, etc.)
  4. Swap the pasta or the whole grain for spaghetti squash, spiral zucchini or mock mashed potatoes (made with cauliflower)
  5. Lean protein (chicken, turkey, beef, fish)


Substitution Ideas:


  • Fajitas – lettuce wraps instead of tortilla shell
  • Shepherd’s Pie with mock mashed potatoes
  • Spaghetti squash with meatballs
  • Turkey burgers with sweet potato fries
  • Homemade pizza with chicken and veggies


If you want some recipes to help you with your meal planning go to and sign up for your 14 Day Eat Real Food Fat Loss Plan, it’s FREE for the month of September only!

Yours in health,

Melanie Grime RHN

Tel: 519-939-9373


WOW Website:


Melanie Grime is a holistic nutritionist, WOW! Weight Loss Practitioner and a member of the Better Health team ( serving the Orangeville, Dufferin, Wellington, and Caledon areas. She treats everyone as an individual with their own specific needs and helps clients suffering from health issues by looking for the root cause of symptoms and working with them to reach their health, weight loss and nutrition goals.



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